All orders placed before 16.00 will be delivered within 1-5 working days from the date of placing and paying for the order. If the order is placed after 16.00, the order is considered completed the next day. On weekends and holidays, delivery of goods is paid and will be carried out by our courier.

We deliver your order within 1-5 days.

* If the order was placed on holidays, then we will be able to deliver it to you within two working days after the end of the holidays.


Delivery costs are paid by the buyer !!! The terms of delivery of the goods depend on the agreement between PCSTO OU and the buyer. The buyer can choose the method of receiving the goods from the following: Itella Smartpost, Omniva, DPD or receive the goods in the salon. The exact price for the delivery of goods will depend on the weight, size of the goods and the place of delivery.

All over Estonia there is a FREE SHIPPING starting from the order amount of 390 EUR.